"Department of Voids" by benandsebastian
exhibition at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen
"Deparment of Voids" is an ongoing exhibition by the duo benandsebastian, that plays on the role of absent objects in both the imagination and in existing museum collections. Dedicated to showing and reflecting on the presence of absence. The exhibition is a part of their ongoing work, "Museum of Nothing".

Press release from Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art:

"Intelligent, meticulous, and conceptually stringent are just some of the words that can be used to describe the exhibition Department of Voids – Den Frie. Behind the exhibition is the artist duo benandsebastian – Ben Clement and Sebastian de la Cour – and we are delighted to finally be able to present their unique art practice to our audience at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art."

The exhibition "Department of Voids - Den Frie" was at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art between 23rd of June and 30th of September.

Take a walk around in the exhibition by clicking the play button. We hope you love it just as much as we do.